Utilizing WPEngine as Your Primary Web Host

WordPress is a blog hosting platform that is used by millions of sites all around that world that make up 23 percent of the Internet. Instead of settling for just WordPress, go for the gold. Instead, choose WPEngine. WPEngine is a hosting service that allows users to create their own WordPress blogs with heightened features, extra security, and the ability to be entrepreneurs with their own businesses and empires, all on WordPress.

WPEngine is known for being technologically advanced. With Internet sites being pounded down to bits by high traffic volumes and constant visitor turnover, WPEngine knows how to keep things speedy with the right technology powering all their servers. In the event that there’s ever a problem, their fast and automated backups are readily available for users to take advantage of.

The WPEngine staff seems to never sleep. Anytime a problem occurs, someone is on the case. Over 100 experts who love what they do are on staff to solve problems, find solutions, and take care of business around the clock. This creates an atmosphere of professionalism that allows customers to rest easy. Their websites will always be taken care of.

WPEngine knows what their customers want. They want a great and empowering environment, answers fast, and prices that fit their needs with packages to match. One key feature of the hosting company is their duty to serve their people and give them exactly what they need and yearn for. Never has a hosting company been so in tune with their customer base.

 The Numbers Don’t Lie 

Here’s WPEngine broken down into numbers. WPEngine has been servicing the Internet since 2010. Every day they service more than 300,000 domains. These are owned by 30,000 clients all over the world. WPEngine customers currently reside in 128 countries, which is a feat for any business, let alone a hosting service.

How are Package Prices?

The basic WPEngine package is the personal package. For $29.00 a month, customers can get one WordPress install with 25,000 visits a month and 10 gigabytes of local storage. A professional WordPress hosting package costs $99.99 a month and includes 10 WordPress installs with 20 gigabytes of local storage. The business package includes 25 WordPress installs, 400,000 visits a month, and 30 gigabytes of local storage for $249 a month. A final package is the enterprise package with a customizable rate. All include unlimited data transfers.

What They Offer

In the event that a WordPress site goes down or becomes unusable, customers can utilize one-click restore points. Before making any major site changes, simply click once to save all the server information, and click again to use the restore point. This creates a complete safety net for any site mishaps.

You’ll never have to worry about a confusing customer service call again. Instead of just calling a trained employee to handle customer questions, WordPress hosting experts are standing by to help you deal with any problems you might face with your hosted WordPress site. There’s nothing they can’t do or answer.

Customers will also never have to worry about the hard aesthetic and customizing questions ever again. WPEngine suggests the best WordPress plugins, themes, and other customizable features to make sure you’re getting the best. WPEngine often works with third party developers to make sure your plugins are safe and compatible with the interface.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose WPEngine

Full Refund

Unlike other website hosting services, WPEngine allows for a full refund of service within 60 days if a customer is unhappy with the platform or host.

Wordpress Speed

It’s proven that WPEngine is the fastest WordPress hosting site in terms of load time and general response. This allows for faster browsing and more traffic.

Company Culture

The employee culture of WPEngine is focused not on profits, but on the customer. The services users come first and WPEngine is proud to admit it.

Going Global

WPEngine recently raised 23 million dollars to continue expanding across the globe. With this large investment comes the hope to raise their team number up to around 300. Another goal is doubling the business numbers they saw just last year. The most recent addition to WPEngine is a new office in London for European customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have to Know Anything about WordPress Before Becoming a Customer?


It would be reasonable to assume you should know a little bit about WordPress before signing up with a WordPress host. Newbies can quickly learn enough about WordPress basics to be able to have a hosted site up and running in no time.

What Security Features are In Place?

Currently WPEngines uses disk write protection and disk write limitations to ensure your data is safe. Some plugins are not allowed and they also run script protection to make sure all servers are virus free and nearly impenetrable. The data center also has a SAS 70 Type II exam annually.

What’s the Difference Between This Service and Hosting Your Own WordPress Site?

If you choose to host your own WordPress, you have to do all the menial work AND run your site. WPEngine does the former for you. WPEngine also offers exclusive features that aren’t available at WordPress or on our own.

Can I Ever Cancel My WPEngine Service?

While most who choose WPEngine never find a reason to go or switch hosts, it is possible to cancel service. Simply request a copy of your blog from the support staff and upload it to a new server. Everything should run immediately after installation.

“The best WordPress hosting service available. I’d used a few before, but kept having to leave when they slowed down or ran out of features to provide me with. Switching to this service was definitely the best choice I ever made with my website. I don’t see myself leaving for another host anytime soon.”

“I was a long time WordPress user before I let my blog die out a few years ago. When I got reinspired, I turned to WPEngine to help me use my full potential to make my blog a better place to be. The features are truly unbeatable. I’ll never choose another host.”

“I’d never actually used WordPress before, but a friend recommended WPEngine to me and I fell in love instantly. I love that they offer me features that compliment WordPress. I feel like I’m part of a community, but also like I have a cool secret weapon that’s hidden up my sleeve.”