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What makes RackSpace stand out from the crowd? With Amazon, Oracle, SoftLayer, Peer 1, Equinix and Google all being highly capable web hosting/Cloud Hosting providers, the reason has to be a pretty compelling one, and in this case, it is.  RackSpace not only provides the absolute best customer service in the industry – they call themselves “Fanatical” – its code infrastructure was built as a joint venture between NASA and OpenStack.

For anyone who has been to a Cloud Hosting conference or who has been watching the Cloud market for the past three years, two things are evident – SSD’s are in fashion and OpenStack is taking over the hosting world. Currently maintained by the OpenStack Foundation, the source code is used to build open-source software utilizing a Cloud Computing platform.

The point here is simple: while you aren’t buying into RackSpace for OpenStack, you are buying into OpenStack because of RackSpace and the engineers behind it. OpenStack represent Cloud engineering on the cutting edge. RackSpace made it happen.  You choose RackSpace because of the quality of web hosting professionals they have within their ranks.

Years of experience

Loyal Clients

Plans and Pricing

If you’re looking for cloud based hosting or services, then Rackspace is the provider for you. With a huge range of differing levels of cloud-based hosting options, Rackspace has a plan that can fit your needs. With flexible hybrid technology and pay-as-you-go pricing, Rackspace will do what it can to fit your website needs.

Dedicated Servers

  • 2TB of outgoing bandwidth
  •  Power redundancy
  • Fully managed
  • Dedicated Cisco ASA firewall
  • Managed backup with two weeks of onsite retention
  • 12GB DDR3 RAM+
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What We Offer

RackSpace is the top hosting provider for the top 1,000 internet retailers, with over 200,000 RackSpace Customers Globally. Over 60% of the Fortune 100 utilize RackSpace as their provider. Using Cloud storage and an infrastructure designed in conjunction with NASA, they offer webhosting services of unparalleled security and stability.

Rackspace is dedicated excelling in performance, technology and support. As one of the few fully cloud based hosting providers, Rackspace strives to provide support at the speed their clients go. Helping their customers build, deploy, scale, and architect faster is what Rackspace lives for.

With its focus on developers, it might be easy for RackSpace to soar out of reach of the average consumer. However, their Fanatical customer support and their expansive knowledgebase bring them down to earth.

  • Brand Consulting 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 45%
  • Custom Website Design 95%

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Bluehost

Fanatical Support

The company has built its reputation on providing consumers with the single best customer service within the web hosting industry. From Live Chat, to telephone, social media, internal ticket systems and email support, the company prides itself on being there for its customers 24/7/365.

Scalable Hosting for All Needs.

RackSpace provides the market with everything from Bare Metal Servers, to powerful Dedicated Managed Servers, to smaller shared hosting accounts and highly scalable Cloud hosting servers. Noted as one of the largest IAAS providers in the world,regardless of your want and need, RackSpace probably has it for you. 

Knowledge is Power.

In addition to the now somewhat typical support channels, RackSpace has taken to building a massive internal knowledgebase wherein clients can find answers to technical issues they might be having. The RackSpace Knowledgebase, like the RackSpace Marketplace, has been designed as an ever expanding platform meant to serve the tech needs of its community.


Sales & Marketing


Brand & Identity


Web Design


App Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

While we work with all levels of clients, we are especially proud of our relationship with developers. The basic premise of RackSpace DevOps is: “You Write Code. We automate your infrastructure.” In basic terms, RackSpace DevOps will automate your entire app environment. RackSpace DevOps, beyond anything DigitalOcean does, will take your code and build the infrastructure around it to make sure the apps you build are fully supported and ready to rock.

What Is Your Guarantee?

99.9 percent isn’t enough for Rackspace and as such, they guarantee 100 percent uptime for all network and infrastructure systems barring scheduled maintenance. If there is every any downtime besides scheduled maintenance, Rackspace will provide a credit of 5 percent  of monthly fees for every 30 minutes of downtime, up to 100 percent of fees.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Rackspace does have an affiliate program where you can earn some serious additional cash for bringing new customers in. Depending on the situation, each new referral can earn you from $50 to $150.

We’ve used Rackspace for over 5 years at our Web Development agency. We’re using a dedicated server. Rackspace has great support, always answers the phone and provides great hosting.

Chase Bowers


I have had a Rackspace server for two months now and they have been amazing! There technical support is unparalleled and light years ahead of any other hosting company I’ve used (thank god). I have yet to come across an instance where they have NOT been able to help me, to be quite frank. They always answer the phone, and if you don’t want a ticket they will find someone to walk through the solution with you. You couldn’t ask for more!

Robert Johnstone


Moved to these guys for website hosting in 2013 from a competitor due to some requirements that were not supported on the old providers platform. Could not be happier. Routing is quite decent and fast in comparison and support is quick on the ball. Would recommend to anyone.

The Glorious Morris