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iPage’s motto? “There is NO typical hosting customer.” From business to non-profit to personal to social, iPage has been hosting today’s movers and shakers for more than a decade. And if it’s flexibility you’re looking for, then you’ve picked the right hosting company.

So why have more than a million customers picked iPage? For their email needs, online security and, of course, their websites. iPage understands that you have plenty of options when it comes to creating a website. That’s why they support everything from online site builders to blogging applications to writing your own code with HTML to software, like Expressions or Dreamweaver.

And iPage will take care of your email needs, too, with unlimited mailboxes and forwards, spam management and, for larger companies, upgrades for Exchange hosting. Plus, they always make sure your emails are sent and received as quickly as possible.

And finally, iPage takes Internet security very seriously, for both you and your customers. They’ve created an extremely secure environment, thanks to their pooled structure, encryption practices, firewalls, database lockdowns and their ultra-protective system admin team.

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What We Offer

Top 3 Reasons to Choose InMotion

All in One Hosting
When it comes to web hosting, you want all your bases to be covered. For VPS Hosting, Business Hosting or Reseller Web Hosting, inMotion has a plan that will fit your needs. You don’t have to pay outrageous fees for features you don’t use.

You Aren’t An Artist
You don’t have to be a web designer in order to have a gorgeous website. With inMotion Web Hosting, not only do you get a secure hosting platform at a reasonable monthly cost, you also get customizable prebuilt professional website templates designed for different industries, ranging from Auto to Legal to Non-Profit and even Fine Dining.

It’s About Support
You run a business, and it isn’t about fixing Apache errors, problems with MySQL or replacing web hosting hardware. You run a business to make money. You choose inMotion because they allow you to run your business without having to worry about the tech side of web hosting. When a problem arises, simply call them or chat with one of their live tech consultants, 24/7/365. Easy as that.