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GoDaddy Hosting – you know the name from their racy Super Bowl commercials and their partnership with racecar driver Danica Patrick, but GoDaddy has undergone a bit of a revamp in the past two years. As the company who provides consumers with the easiest path to register a new domain name, GoDaddy has moved beyond simple domain registration into website building, web hosting, WordPress hosting, server hosting, and search marketing tools. In terms of domain registration, consumers can search, find and create a new domain for as little as $.99 to start. Other GoDaddy solutions include transferring domains, bulk search of active and inactive domains, new domain extensions, internationalized domains, domain auctions and a discount club for purchasing, transferring and selling domains. As a natural offshoot of offering domain registration, GoDaddy provides consumers with DIY website building tools and professional website building services.

Plans and Pricing

From single site blogs to multi-page websites, GoDaddy has a hosting plan that can work for your needs. Starting at incredibly low prices for those looking to just have a personal blog to full VPS services with powerful hardware, GoDaddy has a wide range of choices for you to pick from.

What We Offer

Top 3 Reasons to Choose GoDaddy

One-Stop Shopping
GoDaddy lets you look up, choose, and register your domain name, then immediately helps you set up a website, add email accounts, connect to social media, and create a community. You can add and remove domains, sell domains you no longer use, and manage multiple pages using their extensive control panel.

SEO Support.
What sets GoDaddy apart from other web hosting services is its search engine optimization (SEO) product line. The GoDaddy SEO offering includes efforts working with the provider to conduct basic keyword research for your website and express email marketing. Starting at roughly $3.00, GoDaddy search options are designed to help business owners and consumers with no search experience rank within the major search engines and conduct basic SEO research to help search visibility.

Social Marketing.
GoDaddy will help consumers conduct email and social marketing to grow brand visibility, increase traffic to your website and hopefully grow conversions. As the largest provider of domain registrations in the world, GoDaddy is in the perfect position to help you connect with your potential customers.