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If you’re a newbie looking for hosting at a company that remembers what it’s like to be the new kid on the block, FatCow might be the provider for you. One of a very few hosting providers who opened their doors before Google, FatCow has been in operation since 1998. FatCow Web Hosting supplies consumers with web hosting services, domain registration, a FatCow website application marketplace and an affiliate/reseller program.

Out of all the services FatCow offers, they tout their web hosting solutions as, “the milk and butter” of their business. According to FatCow, “our robust, all-in-one hosting solution includes everything you need to put your business or personal site online and to manage it for years to come.” With a constantly offered “special introductory” rate of $49 per year (roughly $4 per month), FatCow makes it very easy for consumers to purchase their service, and an educational series helps their clients understand what it is they are buying and why.


Low price


Green power

Years of experience


Green Energy Usage

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Plans and Pricing

For the Basic Shared Hosting package, you receive one year of a free domain name (which belongs to FatCow), and unlimited – what FatCow labels as “Oodles” – disk space and bandwidth. FatCow VPS hosting packages offer a wider range of unlimited resources. On all three levels, the resource allocation is designed for personal and business users looking to power a beginner, mid-level and large-scale website.

Basic Shared Hosting

  • 1 Free Domain for 1 YearUnlimited Domains Per AccountUnlimited Email AccountsWebsite Builder ToolsAccess to Web Analytic ToolsFTP Access
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Basic VPS

  • 1 CPU Core1Gb RAM40GB Disk Space1 TB Bandwidth Free Setup FeesUnlimited Domain Pointing
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Business VPS

  • 2 CPU Core4Gb RAM90GB Disk Space3 TB Bandwidth Free Setup FeesUnlimited Domain Pointing
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Optimum VPS

  • 4 CPU Core8Gb RAM120GB Disk Space4 TB BandwidthUnlimited Domain PointingUnlimited Subdomains
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What We Offer

FatCow offers affordable shared hosting as well as advanced business hosting for individuals and companies of all sizes. Round-the-clock monitoring protects the security of their systems and they are beloved for their support of clients who are less comfortable with the online world.

FatCow offers its “HeiferCratic Oath” to all customers. A statement dedicated themselves to supporting and celebrating creativity in all forms while providing the customer with all the resources and encouragement needed to nurture that creativity. Above all else, FatCow promises to provide 

FatCow is takes a welcoming stance to recruit first time web hosting users. Through the FatCow Shared Hosting “Beginners” section, the uninitiated learn about what web hosting and web domains are, as well as how to create a web site. By educating their customers, they help even newbies feel comfortable with hosting their websites, and through shared hosting, they allow anyone to develop a presence online.

  • Brand Consulting 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 45%
  • Custom Website Design 95%

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Bluehost

Super Low Pricing for Shared Hosting

Ideal for the consumer who understands they won’t be pushing a ton of traffic or data transactions, a simple shared hosting server will do the trick. At $4 or so per month, the price is unbeatable to get your web page live and online.

Flexibility in Upgrades.

If an original FatCow shared hosting account isn’t enough to meet your hosting needs, you can graduate to FatCow VPS Hosting. There are three VPS web hosting packages FatCow offers: Basic, Business and Optimum, each with an increasing amount of storage and support.

Green Power

A full 100% of all FatCow shared hosting is run powered by energy generated by wind farms, 24/7/365!


Sales & Marketing


Brand & Identity


Web Design


App Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

FatCow works with anyone looking to get a website hosted regardless of whether you’re part of some company or a solo creative professional. With their unique beginners section, FatCow is a great webhost for novice web users or developers to turn to. Offering guidance and teaching for anyone who hasn’t learned about web hosting or design sets FatCow apart from the competition.

What Is Your Moneyback Gurantee?

You have 30 days to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied in any way.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

Through Google AdWords, it’s possible to gain $100 for new users. Additionally, you can gain $10 per new customer through our referral program.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service. The difference is night and day compared to my last provider. I have four times the amount of space, ninety seven more email boxes, faster load times, no down time and all for less than what I was paying before. Ohhh and the Control Panel is an awesome extra. Keep up the good work guys.



FatCow has been hosting our website for two years. They have remained committed to delivering the best value and customer service in web hosting to the small business user. The technical support group is easily accessible (via telephone or Internet), professional and quick to respond. Our clients have never experienced difficulty accessing our site. We utilize the FatCow Plan, which is a great deal.



This is merely laudatory – my other option was to phone up your support staff and embarrass them. I’ve only been an Internet user since 1999, now, I’m consulting about it. I feel as though I owe a sizable fraction of my success to FatCow. When I first signed up, I thought the price was reasonable for a bare-bones service; every time you folks add another little utility, I almost feel guilty. And every time I add or upgrade an account, or walk into a corner that usually gets me an email from your Tech people within an hour, I am thankful. In short: FatCow is lean, swift, rock-steady, smart, and inexpensive.