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When it comes to a creative media blog, not much can beat the WordPress platform. And when it comes to getting your WordPress blog hosting, you can’t go wrong with DreamHost. While DreamHost offers regular web hosting plans, the main focus is all on WordPress hosting and blogs. “Web hosting made easy, for your business or your band,” is DreamHost’s motto, and they are dedicated to making sure that motto applies to you and your website. Since the creation of DreamHost in 1997, the company has focused on delivering the best value service they possibly can. With a love of open source software and community, DreamHost strives towards bettering the world of web hosting in any way possible. DreamHost wants what’s best for both clients and employees, and in pursuit of that, they aim to foster a community of learning, creativity, and openness in all facets.

Plans and Pricing

DreamHost provides a wide range of hosting plans from shared web hosting for blogs or single websites to dedicated servers to a number of cloud services including object storage, content delivery networks, and cloud computing.

What We Offer

Top 3 Reasons to Choose DreamHost

WordPress Experts
DreamHost has a staff of experts on the WordPress platform and on web hosting in general, so you can have any help you might need whenever and wherever you are.

The DreamHost staff is dedicated to providing the best service possible. Their core values include embracing open source, giving everyone a voice, practicing shameless honesty, keeping their services flexible, and staying irreverent and fun.

Green energy
DreamHost is powered by green energy along with investing in Emission Reduction Credits. So never fear about using DreamHost if you’re concerned about the environment.